1. Describe the past and present roles of personnel in the contemporary business organization.
2. Identify and explain the stages of human resource planning.
3. Explain the selection of a human resources process within an organization.
4. Identify and describe specific legislative acts that deal with equal employment issues.
5. Identify and describe selected landmark equal opportunity cases.
6. Explain the major steps in handling grievances.
7. Explain the characteristics of an effective orientation system.
8. Describe the major phases of a training system in an organization.
9. Identify the components of a legal performance appraisal system.
10. Describe legal implications of internal employee relations.
11. Describe the major components of a wage and salary administration system.
12. Explain how benefits serve the needs of employees and employers.
13. Describe the role of safety and health in today`s business environment.
14. Describe the collective bargaining process as well as current and future trends in unionism.