Each student will prepare a report on his, her, or their social identity. All of us belong to more than one social identity group and each social identity group is interrelated to varying degrees with other social identity groups, but for the purposes of this assignment pick one primary social identity group for the main focus of the paper, although you should also discuss the intersectionality of your identity.

In your analysis, (a) provide a brief history of the group on which you want to write, drawing attention to some of the key events about which anyone claiming knowledge of this group should know, (b) provide a brief discussion about the history of this group in the U.S., (c) discuss your family history and your current sense of who you are as a person, i.e., how you think about your social identity, and (d) identify two or three heroes or heroines that members of the group most admire and explain why these are heroes or heroines to members of your social identity group.

Your analysis should draw from lectures and reading materials in the class where appropriate, but most of your information will need to be drawn from external sources. All sources need to be properly cited and a reference list in alphabetical order by author’s last name should be included as part of your paper. See the list of readings on the syllabus for examples of how to properly reference sources in a reference list. You should also indicate your sources in the text by including in parentheses the author’s last name, the date, and page number if relevant. I prefer APA style, although MLA style is acceptable