You are a reporter for a local paper and you interviewed this man after you read the report of the burglary in the police records. Be careful to attribute any material you cannot substantiate as fact or do not use it. Also, you do not have to use the quotes in one big block; use them where you think they fit best.

Information comes from Roy L. Jones, 60: He was having lunch with a friend at a Shoney’s restaurant, 811New Utrecht Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He parked his 2004 Buick in the restaurant parking lot. Inside the car he had a package wrapped in a plastic bag on the floor. When he returned to his car about 30 minutes after he entered the restaurant, the package was gone. The back door was open and the glove compartment had been rifled. Inside the package was an $8,000 artificial leg. He had gone to Bay Ridge Limb and Brace Co. before lunch to have his hip-to-floor prosthesis adjusted. He reported it to the police yesterday, but the leg has not turned up. He had locked the car, but the thief broke into it.

“I’m disgusted as hell, is all I can say. I bet whoever took it, when the opened the package is as disappointed as I am. I just hate to go through all the hassle of getting another one made. You have to go down there for a fitting, and then you have to go down there again.”

He said the leg is probably covered by insurance but that doesn’t make him feel any better. He lost his left leg more than 30 years ago in an industrial accident. He uses a wheelchair when he goes out. He uses the artificial leg to move around his apartment. He had another one, but it no longer fit. He needed further amputation two years ago. That’s why he needed the new leg. He lives at 950 86th Street in Fort Hamilton.

Information from Bensonhurst police Sgt. Frank Lavender: No one has been arrested. The item that was stolen has not been found. He said that this misfortune reinforces a point that police have been trying to suggest to citizens: It’s not enough just to lock your car. “We’re trying to encourage people to look into their cars and see what’s in there and put it in the trunk. People need to be more careful.”

Remember to craft a 5-W lead and prioritize the information in descending order of importance.