Corporate social responsibility is demonstrated through initiatives and
actions a company takes to address its impact on the environment and
social well-being. This includes taking responsibility for the environment,
employees, customers, and investors. CSR becomes a part of a
company's values and culture.
Millennial consumers, in particular, place value on and opt to do business
with companies who demonstrate strong commitments to their role to
better our world. Young consumers expect companies to be socially
responsible and authenticity is key. This is also very important for
companies seeking to hire the best and brightest. Many prospective
hires place high importance on a business approach to social
You will research online business periodicals to find examples of a
company practicing social responsibility and relate the article to
concepts in the Chapter 2 reading.
3. Research an example of CSR initiative(s) and explain the impact on
stakeholders. (I)
From a current (within the last 6 months) online business magazine,
select an article that examines one specific company's positive actions
demonstrating CSR. Summarize the article in one paragraph. Each
student should share a different article.
 Use an article featuring a for-profit business. Do not feature a
nonprofit organization.
 Examples of online business magazines
are Businessweek, Fortune, Inc., and Enterpreneur.
 Company websites, blogs, and PR Newswires are not acceptable

Use the following prompts and sequences to organize and format your
post and ensure that you meet all requirements. This also helps readers
follow your responses.
1. Summarize the article in one paragraph.
2. In a second paragraph, identify the stakeholders and point out how
the actions impact each group.
3. Finally, what are your thoughts about the initiative(s) the company
has put in place and the likely impact?
Include the link to the article (URL).