Creating Thesis Statement.

Literature often describes some aspect of the human desire to escape. An individual may desire escape from
physical, social, emotional or psychological circumstances. Whether the individual responds actively or
passively to that desire may affect the course of his or her life.
Write an essay based on literature you have studied in which the author examines the factors that
contribute to and result from an individual’s desire to escape. What idea does the author develop
regarding the desire to escape? Provide specific details from the literature you have chosen that will
support and develop your controlling idea.
Title of Story chosen to discuss: Author’s Name:

What aspect of escape will be discussed? (How will the topic be narrowed down)

State the argument that the essay will prove. (Include phrases such as: the result of / leads to/ involves/ contributes to)
Eg: The author develops the idea that

List the topics of the three body paragraphs and briefly explain how they will help to prove the main argument.
1. Topic:
a. How this will help prove the argument

2. Topic
a. How this will help prove the argument

3. Topic
a. How this will help prove the argument

Write the thesis statement: