Your overall purpose in Unit II is to educate/inform your readers about a topic related to a recent
meme you’ve seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the news, etc. You will educate/inform your
readers by telling a researched narrative about the meme you’ve chosen and the broader story
that readers should know about it. You can choose the meme you write about for Unit II (email
me if you want any help brainstorming!), but it should be substantially different than the object
you chose to write about for Unit I (so you’re doing new research and exploring new ideas)
The specific meme you choose should be one that you feel tells a single story or perpetuates a
stereotype to outsiders or people less familiar with that story. You will then demonstrate through
a 4edusson.com5 page (images included) researched narrative how becoming aware of different
perspectives (i.e., different stakeholder positions) helps form a more complete story of the issues,
feelings, assumptions, etc. behind the meme—a story that is ultimately important for your
readers to be aware of and seek out.
include work cited paper and 4 or more resources on how the stock market relates to a meme
Chose a meme that relates to the stock market. Talk about the situation that happens with GME
AND AMC. How many people think what Robinhood did during this was illegal