This paper is a Character Analysis. I have written it but I would like the sentence structure,
grammar, and form such as befitting an A paper.
I need the paper cut down to about 650 words at max. It needs to be in ML8 format.
Assignment Information Instructions Essay 2 (Character sketch) 500 words Do either A) or B) of
the following:
Give a character sketch for one of the following. Remember to use the text/film to back up your
interpretation of the character.
Miig (The Marrow Thieves) Jenny Lynn (“The Boat”) The narrator (“A Rose for Emily”) Olive
(Little Miss Sunshine)
A character of your choice approved by the Professor Some of the major questions to consider
(choose which ones are most suitable to respond to for your character).
•Consider their physical features.
•What about the character’s personality. Are they funny, serious, quiet, and so forth.
•Their likes or dislikes in themselves, others, activities?
•Consider their family life. •What are their beliefs, values, morals?
•How do they interact with other characters, place, setting and so forth?
•What do you like or dislike about them? Why?
•Are they static or dynamic? Why? Are they flat or rounded?
•What defines them?