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Part 1: Create an instructional manual designed for teachers and parents explaining key components of the IEP. Be sure to include the following: 1. Definition of IEP 2. Overview of what the IEP entails 3. Brief desсrіption of each component 4. Examples of services (at least 10) outlined in the IEP RESOURCES TO USE FOR PART 1: VIDEOS: READINGS: Part 2: Watch the two videos below of mock IEP meetings. Complete the video observation (attached) form for each IEP video. YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE 1 FORM FOR EACH VIDEO SO YOU WILL HAVE 2 COMPLETED FORMS IN TOTAL. (the form is linked in attachments – use 2 videos below for this part) VIDEOS: PART 3: How would you be culturally responsive to parents/caregivers during an IEP meeting? Think in terms of communication, collaboration, and partnership. Respond to at least one peer.